Independence Hall

Historic Site
520 Chestnut St (btwn S 5th & S 6th Sts)
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 965-2305


  • This building, completed in the 1750s, is where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were deliberated and adopted.
  • During the Constitutional Conv. here, Ben Franklin wondered whether the sun carved into George Washingtons chair symbolized the rising or the setting of the new nation. He decided it was rising.
  • Did you know? Independence Hall is pictured on the back of the $100 bill. The hands on the halls clock show the time as approximately 4:10 but theres no record of why this time might have been chose
  • Have a look at the Constitution of the United States, signed here on September 17, 1787. As the supreme law of the United States, it has since guided American society in law and political culture.
  • Historic venue where the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were adopted. Get your wonk on at
  • Get free timed tickets at the Independence Visitor Center. If it's during a busy season, you may have some time to kill--good thing you're in America's most historic square mile.
  • The Articles of Confederation, consisting of six sheets of parchment stitched together, defined the former colonies as a confederation of 13 sovereign states bound loosely in a "league of friendship."
  • On November 20, 1782, American delegates signed the preliminary articles of peace between the United States and Great Britain, granting formal independence and expanding the territory of the nation.
  • On June 13, 1782, Congress asked Charles Thomson to come up with a suitable design for America's Great Seal. Thomson's final design, still in use today, envisioned an eagle "on the wing and rising."
  • great to visit a place where history was made
  • That was super cool!
  • One of the first slave-trade cases in the U.S. was heard in Independence Hall in 1800. The 135 transported Africans were named after the rescuing ship Ganges; descendants still use this name.
  • go look at the bell at night
  • On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in which they declared they were breaking from British rule to form free and independent states.
  • Brush up on your American history in Philly. Commune with the founding fathers here.
  • The PHLASH trolley runs Fri, Sat & Sun from 10-6 pm May-October 28, 2012. Just head to stops 2 or 18, buy a $2 ticket & you'll be on your way to seeing more of Philadelphia's attractions and museums.
  • A bronze marker in front of the building commemorates President John F. Kennedys Independence Day speech on July 4, 1962.
  • Found a new country
  • This document records the July 2, 1776, vote in which the Continental Congress agreed to independence. The words of the resolution are echoed in the Declaration of Independence.
  • It was awesome to be in the same rooms as our forefathers

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