Incrediblue Makes Renting a Luxury Yacht a Breeze, Aims to be AirBnb of Boating


Some people think exploring the world via luxury yacht or sailboat would be too expensive or too much of a hassle, but Incrediblue wants to change that way of thinking. The booking service acts as an intermediary between those who need to charter a boat and those who have the boat, making the entire process interactive and exciting. With over 1,000 vessels stationed in 35 different locations around the world, there are plenty of both to choose from. Plus, their site offers pre-planned itineraries created around a specific location and theme (including points of interest, like sea coves and fantastic restaurants), making it super easy to start planning your trip without stress. 


Founded by Antonios Fiorakis, Theodoros Orfanidis, and George Gatos, Incrediblue is based in Volos, Greece, which is a great location for boating — though they offer yachts all over the world. According to the company, most boat owners rarely actually take their vessels on a cruise, instead docking them for months at a time. If you're one of those people, why not rent your yacht out when you're not using it? The company makes it easy by directly connecting you with someone who wants to take your yacht for a spin and all you have to do is register your boat for free. 

The site works is similar to a social networking site, with profiles for each boat and experience reviews (for the renter and boat owner). Full of pictures and detailed descriptions, it's pretty easy to find the best match for your travel plans.  

If you're not sure where you want to go, but know you want to go somewhere, check out the Collections section of their site. We especially like the 7 Days in South Croatia option, which gives you an itinerary full of activities that take you down the entire coastline of Croatia (including the several islands). You'll get to do things like explore the city of Split on the eastern slope of Marjan Hill, discover the medieval town of Korčula (where Marco Polo may or may not have been born), and relax on the beaches of Bol, Island Brač.

Prices vary depending on the vessel you choose, but can range anywhere from $38,999 a day with a full crew to $242 a day without a crew — meaning that pretty much any budget can enjoy renting a yacht.