Imbibery's Raw, Cold-Pressed Juices and Cleanses Arrive in London

Imbibery's Raw, Cold-Pressed Juices and Cleanses Arrive in London

Juicing has become a massive trend, and if you don’t have a bottle of designer green juice in your fridge, you’re not keeping up with The Joneses. Juicing and detoxing has had a big impact in the States and its spreading like wildfire here in the UK. But we seem to be behind our American friends, whereas America has a juice bar in every corner and in every store, England hasn’t quite caught up yet.

Set up by two best friends, Meryl and Lily, Imbibery juices aims to get everyone in London on the cold-pressed train. The pair set up their own company after not being able to find decent juices in the city. Aimed for the jet-setting, modern-day man and woman, Imbibery offers raw, cold-pressed juices that are causing quite a stir. I recently sat down with the duo to ask a few questions about the company.


JustLuxe: What inspired you to start the business?

Lily & Meryl: We met and became fast friends at University. We took some courses together and worked on projects and we realized that we really loved working together! We’ve always been interested in starting our own businesses. Meryl had been living in London and [Lily] in Paris and we were both frustrated by the fact that we couldn’t find a green juice to incorporate into our daily lives. Finally we decided if we were going to stay in Europe and wanted to have a green juice (and not necessarily always have to commit to a full cleanse), we’d have to make it ourselves! So Lily moved to London and it’s been a whirlwind since.

JL: How did you first start out?

L&M: In a way we’ve been doing this forever, since we were both raised by families who were firm believers in juice and a holistic lifestyle. But we really started developing our recipes over the summer, and that took about six months.

JL: What was your proudest moment for Imbibery?

L&M: Every time we see someone Imbibing! We get so excited when we see how much people enjoy their Imbibery Juice.


JL: What sets you apart from other juice cleanses on the market?

L&M: From the moment that we imagined Imbibery, it was important to us that it would be easily accessible from the outset. That’s why making Imbibery available at retail locations was one of our top priorities. Our dream is to have all of London Imbibing, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on a juice, whether that means a home or work delivery, doing a cleanse, or grabbing a juice from one of our Stockists.

JL: Why do you think detoxing and juicing is so popular?

L&M: It makes us laugh whenever people ask us that because to us it’s doing what your parents always told you to do: Eat your fruits and vegetables. Only now you get to drink them, which is just so much easier. In cities where people have no time, it’s great to be able to drink a juice on the go. And it makes sense that something that makes you feel and look so good would become popular.

JL: How many times do you girls detox and what's your favorite flavor?

L&M: When we’re working so hard (which has been non-stop lately), we drink juice all day, because otherwise we’d get no nutrition. And then at night we have something pretty clean, so to that end, we detox a lot. As for doing full cleanses, it varies. If we have no social obligations, we try and get in a three-day at least once a month and as the seasons change, a five-day is great.


JL: How was your first detoxing experience?

L&M: Life changing. We were shocked by how not hungry we were and how high functioning we were. Obviously it was hugely successful because we’ve been hooked ever since, and it’s the thing we’re most passionate about—not full juice cleansing per se, but the idea of detoxifying and juicing.

JL: Do you keep a healthy lifestyle/diet?

L&M: Yes, but we believe in balance. Living in Paris, Lily had to learn to be quite flexible with her food habits. Meryl doesn’t eat meat and tries to stay away from dairy. For us, life should be enjoyed. So when we travel to Italy we’re going to have pasta. But when we return, we detox. That’s how we came up with Jet and Re-Set. To us, you can indulge so long as you have the tools to re-set, that’s what Imbibery is here for. People are always shocked when they find out we enjoy a good cocktail. And we do, we enjoy a good cocktail. Living an active lifestyle is super important to us. We both love to spin and have recently taken up Pilates.


JL: Where do you see Imbibery in a few years time?

L&M: Ideally, all over!

JL: What other plans do you have in the future for Imbibery?

L&M: We recently did a collaboration with the most amazing line that is both an activewear and leisurewear line called Kings of Cole. We’re super proud since it’s the first time Kings of Cole can be purchased in the UK and we’ve always been huge fans of the brand. The Kings of Cole for Imbibery line is better than we could have ever dreamed of and we literally won’t take them off. They’re just so comfy and so, so pretty!!

You can find Imbibery Juice at the following locations in London: The Box Boutique, The Mount Street Deli, and at Spianata & Co.