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  • Ok listen up youth and young at heart... The greatest thing about ikea is riding the flat bed shopping carts around like a surf board around the factory area! You have not lived until done, just don't
  • Set all the timers in the show room to 45 minutes and escape before they go off
  • The meatballs are made with the people who couldn't find their way out...
  • Let's have some fun, while shopping at IKEA...
  • Treat yourself to a hotdog if you make it out alive! Oh and check out the Dyson Airblade hand dryers in the restrooms!
  • Ikea: just some oak and some pine and a handful of Norsemen. Ikea: selling furniture for college kids and divorced men.
  • Did some say Swedish meatballs? Cool modular furniture too.
  • The Cinnamon buns are to die for, oh ya they sell furniture too ;)
  • With a good imagination, you can make your rooms look better than theirs.
  • Sit at the tables farthest from the serving area near the escalator. Quiet and most advantageous to people watching! :-)
  • Make sure you sign up for IKEA Family BEFORE you check out so you get the discounts!
  • The people that work @ the kids play area are NOT nice at all!!!
  • Skip the showroom and head straight for the As-Is section at checkout. You can find great deals on the same stuff elsewhere in the store.
  • I'm with Harrison on this, cart surfing down there is where it's at. Stuff your face with cheap tasty food, buy some random cat/dog butts to super glue on your friends car, then surf the warehouse.
  • Cafetaria window looks over the wonderful Pirelli Tire Building that was left standing in the parking lot. Apart from the furniture, treat yourself to a meatball combo or that delicious Apple Cake.
  • You can't go wrong with the $2 hot dog combo! It's the main reason I come to shop here :)
  • The thickest, coldest $1 frozen yogurt in Fairfield County!
  • Sign up for the IKEA Family membership and enjoy the benefits. Signing up is quick and easy.
  • Abba's ghost stalks all who dare to enter the bathrooms here.
  • Billie bookcases and Gravad lax!!!!!!!'

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