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4400 Shellmound St
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 420-4532
11:00am - 9:00pm
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  • Never, I repeat, never, come on a weekend
  • IKEA on Sunday is the best form of birth control ever.
  • Don't come with your gf unless you plan on losing your whole day :(
  • Avoid the meatballs.
  • Let's move in
  • I have to admit that I actually do enjoy assembling Ikea furniture. In my occupation my work is intangible so seeing an actual piece of furniture come together with my own hands is very satisfying.
  • Don't get lost.
  • Skip the entrance where the escalator takes you to the showroom; enter through the exit, sneak through the self-checkout lanes and head straight to the As-Is section. Bargains!
  • Don't come here sober.
  • I don't always come to Ikea, but when I do I lose my whole day. Stay single my friends
  • measure twice, buy once.
  • Seriously Ikea, when there are over 25 ppl waiting to return something you may want to have more than 2 ppl working!!
  • According to legend, the meatballs are made of those who couldn't find the exit.
  • Never have what you want in stock here...
  • The food is as affordable as it can possibly get, but it's really delicious! Swedish meatballs or ribs with fries are my favorite.
  • Have an Android phone with the latest Google Maps? Fire it up in-store for a map/locator of where you are...
  • Never been here? Don't bother bringing your giant cart upstairs...
  • Bargain lunch: meatballs, and lingonberry sauce. Skip the mashed potatoes and gravy, substitute steamed veggies. Add a glass of lingonberry drink and it's pretty healthy & well under $5.00.
  • bought too much stuff for the apartment
  • Don't eat the horseshit.

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