If You Haven’t Eaten At Trace, You’re Doing Austin Wrong

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If You Haven’t Eaten At Trace, You’re Doing Austin Wrong

Photo by W Worldwide W Worldwide

Photo by W Worldwide

We get it, you’re on a college budget and The W Hotel is the LAST place you’d be seen grabbing some grub. But please understand me when I say that you haven’t actually lived in Austin until you’ve eaten lunch at the Trace restaurant connected to The W.

Grab your friends and prepare for the feast of your lifetime. The white décor, the comfy couches and the freshly cut landscape will make you feel like you’re on the set of Beverly Hills 90210. Put down the Whataburger, and indulge in a little fancy eating.

The Food:

If you’re in a fun mood, try out the Niman Ranch Pastrami Sandwich. The truffle fries are a nice touch, and in my opinion, if you’re going to spend a little extra cash on food, calories are non-existent. Save the salad for when you’re at home.


Photo credit: traceaustin.com

If you’re in a classy mood, the Goat Cheese Sandwich is the one for you! I never took myself for an eggplant kind of girl, but I think once you get a taste of this one you’ll probably become one too. Trust me, this $12 sandwich will leave you wanting more.


Photo credit: Foodspotting.com

The Décor:

This is the place you want to Snapstory to all of your friends. Your Instagram this day will be on point. I recommend bringing out the old white floppy hat you wore at the Derby Day. The white couches and modern decorations will make you feel like a billion bucks. Goodbye Beverly Hills Hotel, you don’t even compare to The W Austin.


Photo credit: austin.eater.com

Give those Ramen noodles a break this weekend and treat yourself to a delightful afternoon with your favorite, snazziest friends!

Location: 200 Lavaca St, Austin, TX 78701
Hours of operation: Mon-Thurs: 6:30 am-10 pm, Fri-Sun: 6:30 am-11 pm

More food porn ahead:

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