Ideal Number of Questions in a Survey to Get Actionable Feedback

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Ideal Number of Questions in a Survey to Get Actionable Feedback

Ideal Number of Questions in a Survey to Get Actionable Feedback

What most people probably value most right after money is time. This makes it extremely hard to ask anything that is time consuming. This is the case when you ask for your customers’ feedback, when you want to survey them.

Taking customer experience seriously and asking for feedback is inevitable, so you need to be smart about how you ask, the way you get the answers you look for and still respect your customers’ time.

Less is more in so many cases. It’s proved to be true when is comes to surveying, especially for mobile surveys which is most likely the best way to use surveys for you as well.

Why are mobile surveys the best way to ask for customer feedback?

The keyword is attention. You have the best chance to catch their attention where their attention is. Whether they are already online or sitting in a restaurant, they are probably doing it with phones in their hands.

Since paper based surveys are out-of-date, and an estimated 30-40% of all online surveys are completed on mobile devices, mobile is what you need to focus on.

Improving the survey experience is crucial to get real answers. A better survey experience means shorter, quicker, nicer surveys with to the point questions.

The right amount of questions you need to ask in a mobile survey

A number of factors influence how you should determine the ideal length of your survey. What information are you looking for? What kind of questions are you asking in terms of both question type and content? On what device will your customers complete the surveys?
After all, you have to consider all these factors and cut it to your needs, but should maximize the number of questions between 5-10 questions.

The truth is the shorter, the better.

TIP: If you can’t get all the information you need in one survey, split it up into multiple surveys and ask them in different situations when the questions are the most relevant.

Quicker, short surveys are better than a long one. Separate topics and using specific questions help to get more detailed answers. This way, you can manage the surveys and analyze the responses more easily.

Creating the culture of asking feedback continuously from customers makes it casual for them to tell their opinion in a few words.

Besides the number of questions, the type of questions you use are also an important part of a great survey. There are a few questions you should avoid in a mobile survey, like grid or drop-down.


Think in mobile. Make sure the surveys you use are mobile-optimized, meaning that it looks great on every device.

Keep it as short as it is possible.

Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t try to get an answer for everything in one survey. Use quick, short surveys instead of long ones.

Communicate in a way your customers can feel that their words are valuable, that you really care and your number one priority is to provide a great customer experience.

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