iCook Hotpot

Hotpot, BBQ
81-17 Broadway
Queens, NY 11373


  • Very good !!
  • Based on last visit (Feb, 8, 2018). During the daytime, AYCE hotpot is $23.99 & AYCE hotpot with KBBQ is $33.99. During rush hour 6PM-10PM, AYCE is $26.99 & AYCE with KBBQ is $33.99.
  • They have a sauce bar / condiment bar to make your soup broth flavorful. They also give complimentary donuts/doughnuts/fried dough. They come in increments of 4.
  • Delicious variety of meat and seafood. Clean new.
  • Good for groups, great staff, clean and efficient and fresh ingredients. Love this place
  • For individuals with pork dietary restriction, get the original chicken pot soup base because the original and herbal is made with pork!
  • Really good deal for unlimited hotpot; good selections of meats but seafood was not so fresh
  • This place is okay, I've had better hotpot. AYCE is available here too at a very decent price. My least favorite thing is that their broths flavor could be better!
  • The duck rocks

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