Iconic Vegetarian Cookbook Reprinted

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This important vegetarian cookbook is now available again from Vintage Books
Vegetarian Epicure

40 years after its original publication, this classic cookbook is available to a new audience of vegetarian home chefs.

When volume one of The Vegetarian Epicure cookbook was first published in 1974, it became an instant classic in a growing sub-genre of cookbooks.The first volume offered practical, plain-spoken instruction on converting a broad range of cuisines into palatable and vegetarian options.

Volume one features 262 recipes that broadened the scope of vegetarian cooking available to the general public at the time of its original publication, by adding both simple and gourmet vegetarian recipes into the daily meals of a growing percentage of the population.

Four years later, Thomas published a second volume of The Vegetarian Epicure, with another 325 vegetarian recipes and expanded coverage of international recipes inspired by Italian, Spanish, Mexican, and Indian culinary traditions.

Now 40 years after its publication, The Vegetarian Epicure has been re-issued by Vintage Books, retaining the classic look and feel of the original, with all the same recipes. Simple yet gourmet vegetarian interpretations of classic dishes are the hallmark of this cookbook, such as this Vegetarian Lasagne Recipe, This Potato Soufflé Recipe, this Pea Soup with Butter Dumplings Recipe, this Baked Eggs in Zucchini Recipe, or this Whole Grain Bread Recipe.

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