Iconic Chanel Clutch Is Even Better Than Your New It Bag


Personally, we’d rather not go to a party and find someone wearing the same outfit as us—and that goes for our handbags as well. Sure, we all love the newest “it bags” and you can’t help it if you run into a few ladies who are sporting the same Fendi Buggie, but the less matching the better. We love a good statement piece and our jaws practically hit the floor when we saw this purse. Iconic? Yes. Luxurious? Of course. Do we want to carry it everywhere? Absolutely. Chanel’s Transparent Evening Bag is designed after the celebrity-favorite No. 5 perfume bottle, and we can’t think of any other clutch we’d rather tote around town. It’s available in black and clear, but we like that cheeky hint of being able to see inside. Sure it’s smaller than an iPad, but if we can fit our cell phone and our Chanel lipstick we’re good, right? Besides that’s why men have pockets—for all the little things we can’t get into our amazing new bag.