I See A Fun Night In Your Future...


As you enter into the One-Eyed Gypsy, you can instantly hear the voice of an imaginary ringleader welcoming you into the fantastic, gypsy-den-meets-circus-meets-East India Trading Company-styled bar that is the One-Eyed-Gypsy. Yes, the crazy, interesting décor is by far the most noticeable part of the bar, but the drinks, food, and music here are all just as unique and enjoyable.

            The atmosphere of the bar definitely fits the namesake, with the decorations echoing a traveling gypsy circus with everything from ancient Greek sculptures to chandeliers to a stuffed albino yak. There’s much more to see here, and the tour starts with the stage, which is themed for a mid-eastern mystic. The acts at the One-Eyed Gypsy are usually country and twangy rock and roll, and never fail to stir up a crowd. After the stage, the circus funhouse vibe becomes more apparent with a working photobooth, a love tester, and even free skeeball (Free! Skeeball!).  With all the fun and games scattered throughout the bar, you’re sure to be bouncing around all night without getting bored.

            While the atmosphere is the flashiest part of the One-Eyed Gypsy by far, the bar provides the genuine quality that is needed to give the bar staying power. The drinks here range in price from “high rollers” to “cheap dates”, which means there’s always an artfully-made cocktail here within your price range. The same theory of highs and lows applies to the beer list, with a small microbrew list sided by 3-dollar Tecates. The drinks come with a menu of somewhat-carnival small bar dishes including funnel cake and fried alligator.

            Overall, the bar serves great drinks with quality bartenders, good food, great music, and a fun and crazy atmosphere. Watch out, because the crowd here sometimes ranges from calm and relaxed to crowded and hectic, but if you’re willing to fight your way to the bar, you can expect fairly quick service and charming bartenders ready to arm you with enough refreshments to help you fight your way back through to the skeeball table and toss the night away.