Hungry? Head on Over to Strangers for Dinner

Make new friends over dinner… at a stranger’s house
Hungry? Head on Over to Strangers for Dinner

Are you new in town, traveling, or just not blessed with social butterfly skills? Fear not, the answer has arrived. Strangers for Dinner is an online service for both hosts and guests looking for a little social interaction and a great meal.

Sign up via Facebook, decide if you want to throw a dinner for six or find a dinner for six in your area, and the rest is up to fate — er, well the fate of Facebook; groups are created based on profiles and interests. 

You’re probably thinking: Throw a dinner party for strangers, really? Think of it as a networking event where having new people over your house would be an opportunity for new hobbies and interests. Playing host currently doesn’t pay, but in the future Strangers for Dinner is planning on a reimbursement system.

As for the matchups, everyone will be local. Though the brand started in Australia, guests and hosts alike can be matched up anywhere in the world. And if playing the role of a host, dinner is entirely up to you, whether it be foie gras or fried chicken — you decide. 

Afterward, if the date was a hit or miss, you can rant and rave in the ranking system at Strangers for Dinner, so they can continue to build your social circle better.

Intrigued? Head over to StrangersforDinner to sign up!

Buon appetito!