Huangpu River (黄浦江)

Zhongshan E-1 Rd
Huangpu, 上海市 200002


  • The best way to enjoy the Huangpu River? Jump on a boat. Preferably at night. The skyline is one of the most stunning in China. Imagine misty ice palaces dipped in a rainbow of colour.
  • The weirdest things happen at night
  • Takes only 10 min to across the Huangpu river by 2 RMB
  • The CORRECT name of this river should be HUANGPUJIANG river. That maybe hard for a foreinger to spell it correctly.
  • Really it was like a graphic design scenic view. But it real.
  • You can see the haze there, its not fog, its polluted air..
  • Take one of the dinner cruises, on the river, or even rent a private yacht with a groups of friends, for a really amazing time. It will end up being one of your long lasting memories of Shanghai.
  • River seperated Shanghai 2 part, Pudong & Puxi.In the night,u can hop on the cruise & hang out along the river with full the light,there are few big bridge cross the river (espescially Nan Pu bridge)
  • Sng chy qua Thg Hi chia 2 khu Ph ng & ph Ty.Bui ti ra bn Thg Hi bt thuyn i do chi khu ny rt v n uc tng bng.C rt nhiu cy cu ln bc qua sng ny,c bit l cu NamPh
  • great view
  • Take the boat trip! Nice view!!
  • Tours are amazing
  • Amazing romantic place
  • De frente a la perla del Oriente
  • This photo take from room hotel hyatt on the bund
  • Very good landscape
  • Unforgettable
  • - !

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