How Your Beer Koozie Says What You Can't

A collection of beer holders with clever, snarky quips

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Call it what you want — koozie, cozy, huggie, beer sleeve, stubby holder — the foam accessory is an essential item on the tailgating checklist, right underneath the requisite "session" beers.

When you're out among fellow fans, getting amped for the big game, the item has obvious practical functions. For one, it helps your cheering hands stay warm while keeping your brew cool. It also serves as an easy way of identifying your beer (you wouldn't want to confuse your light, quenching Allagash White Ale with your buddy's Guinness Dry Stout). But those who embrace the kitsch will likely tell you that the koozie has another kind of appeal: snarky commentary.

While koozies come in all kinds of interesting shapes and sizes (a miniature replicate of your team's jersey, for example), it often seems that the stand-out favorites are those that are emblazoned with funny quotes or expressions. And by 'funny' we mean that kind of sarcastic, slighty cheesy bumper sticker style of humor. Things like, "You're OLD when 'Gettin' lucky' means you can find your keys" and "According to my wife, I'm very happy!" Har har.

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