What Would You Do at the Playboy Club in Space?

The men's mag teamed up with Virgin Galactic to dream up something in space


Ever since NASA decided to recruit taste testers for a Mars simulation experiment, we've all been wondering what real astronauts eat (NPR reports that it's hot sauce, not ice cream, that space explorers crave).

Well, it looks like Playboy has stepped up its game. The men's magazine teamed up with Virgin Galactic to come up with a Playboy Club in space. The results are in the magazine's March issue, showing a private space station with "a zero-gravity dance club, a casino featuring 'human roulette' and a restaurant for fine dining," Space.com reports.

The restaurant will reportedly be built into a spinning section, so the diners and their food won't float around (counteracting the zero gravity, it seems). As for the nightclub, there won't be windows, but drinks would be served by Playboy bunnies in jetpacks. There will, however, be windows in the "orbital pleasure dome," naturally.

Since Virgin Galactic is still trying to make space tourism possible, the Playboy Club in space would just be a destination spot, we guess. "The Playboy Club in space will be on a station in orbit, like a cruise ship," A.J. Baime and Jason Harper wrote in the description. Next up, Paula Deen space cruises.