How to Throw an Improv Dinner Date

New York City improv group surprises couple with 'instant date' at Central Park

A romantic, improv dinner date for two in Central Park.

Guys, take note: All you need to impress your girl is a couple of high-class maître d's, champagne, cheeses, and a string quartet. How to do it?

New York City's Improv Everywhere group (most known for their No Pants Subway ride and Frozen Grand Central sketch, among others) surprised an unassuming couple with all the fixings for a fancy dinner date. After they approached the couple with a linen-covered table and champagne flutes, the evening continued with meats, cheese, fruits, and even a live show at "Carnegie Hall." (And later, an actor handed them tickets to a real show at Carnegie Hall). It goes to show that no matter where you are, everyone loves to be treated to a fancy meal. 

Watch the cuteness unfold below, and get inspired for your own date nights — and prepare for what not to do on a date.