How to Stay Healthy on Valentine's Day

Marlene Koch gives her tips for keeping your diet without ruining the romance
How to Stay Healthy on Valentines Day

Marlene Koch Gives Her Tips for Keeping Your Diet Without Ruining The Romance

Chocolate Souffle

Marlene Koch believes that a lot of men approach Valentine's Day all wrong. "My husband every year wants to get me that big box of chocolates and every year I say 'Don't do it!'" she says. "Let's say someone is trying to lose weight, especially us ladies... in the end run you're not making them feel better. So you want to find ways to make it feel decadent, but in a way that works for both of us."

Koch suggests starting with healthy swaps. For example, she makes healthy Alfredo with 1 percent milk and light cream cheese, so that you're reducing calories while still keeping the full flavor. She also suggests smaller portions: "I like to serve a filet mignon, which sounds heavy but it's a leaner cut of meat and when you serve it in a 5-ounce size... you're showing the love by cooking, but still keeping it lighter," she says. She also notes that people cooking at home should avoid multiple courses, since it ruins the romantic mood anyway! Go for high quality in a few courses instead of spreading it out.


Watch the video above for more tips and you can pick up Koch's book Eat More of What You Love or try her recipes for raspberry oat bars or cheesecake-stuffed strawberries.