How to Pick Someone Up at a Coffee Shop

10 strategies for starting a conversation with someone over lattes

6. Comment on the book they're reading

Which you know all about (because you've secretly looked it up on Wikipedia before making your move).


7. Use the newspaper

Don't walk into a coffee shop on a Sunday morning without the paper. Sit next to someone who looks like they're there by themselves, and just sip your coffee and read your paper. (Trust me, they'll notice you.) Then casually offer them a section (or the whole thing) when you're done.


8. "Do you need a refill?"

Simple and elegant. On your way to the counter for your second cup, just stop by the person's table and, casually, as if it's nothing, ask them if they need a refill.


9. Compliment their work ethic

If there's someone who has clearly been there all day, try this: "Sorry to bother you, I just couldn't help but notice you've been working really hard all day. I don't know what you're working on but man you're making me feel like a slacker. Next cup is on me, OK?"


10. "Do you think they're on a first date?"

Look around the coffee shop and find the couple. (They're there.) Lean over to the person you want to pick up and, in a conspiring manner, ask them: "Do you think that's a first date?"


— Chiara Atik, How About We


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