How to Not Eat Fast Food on a Road Trip Slideshow

1) Drink water

In addition to being the obvious healthy beverage choice, drinking adequate amounts of water can help you to sustain your energy and combat fatigue while counting down the miles. To avoid spending unnecessary money on bottled brands, as well as to cut down on trash in the car, consider packing a water bottlethat can be refilled during pit stops.

2) Pack a cooler

It might take a bit of space in the trunk or back seat, but a packed cooler can save you time and money. You can store your three-meals-a-day at a controlled temperature and not have to worry about compromising your breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner at your next stop. Although having food in the car might make eating while driving a seemingly convenient option, consider pulling off at a rest area to eat, stretch, and re-energize.

3) Choose healthy snacks at gas stations

"Refueling" sometimes means getting more than just gas. If you feel the need to buy a snack while at a gas station, seek out the nuts, fruit, granola bars, seeds, milk, and juice before candy bars, slushies, sodas, and donuts.  

4) Order the healthier menu options on fast-food menus

If you choose to hit up a drive-thru during your trip, try to choose healthfully; avoid supersized portions, extra salt, bacon, and deep-fried foods. Instead, focus on smaller portions, salads, baked chips, and grilled (usually white) meats. Many fast-food chains also serve a fruit alternative to fries. Just because they’re on the kids’ menu doesn’t always mean that they’re off limits as a fries substitute.

5) Don’t be too strict

Lastly, don’t be too strict with yourself! Sampling different foods along your trip, fast food or otherwise, can be part of the quintessential road trip experience. In any case, have a plan and keep it all in moderation.