How to Make Wine Cork Shamrocks

This easy craft be perfect for a kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day activity
Wine Cork Shamrocks

This great DIY project is great for any skill level.

If your little leprechauns are looking for a way to show off their Irish pride, you’ll love this easy rainy-day craft. As shamrocks are an integral part of St. Patrick’s Day decor, you and the wee-ones can make a great piece of family art in a pretty unique way. With these easy DIY cork stamps, your shamrocks are guaranteed to come out perfect every time. Feel free to stamp them on paper, chalk boards or whatever you want to add a little green too! Happy Crafting!

What You’ll Need

  • 3 wine corks
  • Duck tape or painter’s tape
  • Green acrylic paint or kid’s “finger paint”
  • Paper

1. Arrange wine corks in a triangular shape.
2. Wrap tape securely around the corks.
3. Dip the tips of the wine corks in the green pain, dabbing excess paint off.
4. Stamp corks onto paper or any blank canvas and enjoy!