How to Make a Turkey Burger That Actually Tastes Good

There are a number of ways to avoid a dry and tasteless hockey-puck-looking turkey burger

Our recipe is flavorful, moist, and may fool you into thinking that you’re eating the real deal.

A turkey burger is a classic healthy choice, but can be dried out and tasteless if it isn’t properly prepared. Since poultry needs to be cooked through to 165 degrees, it can be tricky to avoid overcooking and drying out a ground turkey patty. There are a number of ways to avoid that dry and tasteless hockey-puck-looking thing that clings to the grill.

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Adding oil to ground turkey meat is a great way to keep poultry patties moist. The healthy, low-fat content of ground turkey contributes to its dry texture, but this can be easily remedied by following some simple steps. It is most important to keep a close eye on ground turkey patties while they’re cooking. Once they’re cooked through, they must immediately be taken off the grill. A safe time frame to keep in mind is that each side needs to cook for about four minutes. Remember to flip the patties only once, midway through grilling, to make sure that both top and bottom are cooked evenly.

For added moisture and flavor in our turkey burger, we’ve added lightly sautéed shallots and garlic — they were mixed into the ground turkey meat. We also stuffed the patties with cheddar cheese for a rich, gooey-centered burger. The combination of oil-coated shallots and garlic makes the turkey patty stick less to the grill, and adds a nice flavor profile to otherwise bland turkey meat.

Incorporating interesting toppings onto a turkey burger is more important than ever when it comes to sprucing up the flavor. In our recipe, we’ve topped our juicy turkey patties with balsamic glazed onions and freshly sliced avocado for a touch of richness. The avocado creates a creamy texture that also adds healthy omega oils to the mix.

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Don’t give up on turkey burgers until you’ve tried this recipe: it’s flavorful, moist, and may fool you into thinking that you’re eating the real deal.