How-To :: Kids Thank You Notes

From by Erin Newkirk, Red Stamp Team
How-To :: Kids Thank You Notes

Dear Superhero,

You survived. From one parent to another, planning + executing your child’s birthday party is exhausting. Fun! Super rewarding! But exhausting. So, take a *deep* breath + give yourself a pat on the back for another year, well done.

And before you go pulling your hair out over thank you notes, rejoice in the fact we have you covered. After all, Red Stamp was created for moments like these, by a mom who felt like there had to be a way to marry kindness + good manners with *real* real-life.

: Kids Thank You Notes | Red Stamp

Your child just turned 1…or 2…or 5. Chances are, they aren’t up to writing thank you notes on their own. That being said, they can certainly contribute! Take a picture of a drawing or snap a photo of them {bonus…with their gift} + upload your photo onto one of our kids thank you notes designs. Compose a sentence or two expressing your gratitude, place your order + let us do the rest! We’ll print + even mail your thank you, for you, directly to the honored gift giver.

: Kids Thank You Notes | Red Stamp

Ahhh…the sweet years of SO wanting to do things on their own, but SO needing your help. The perfect age for carving out 30 minutes with a cup of cocoa and having them help by coming up with phrases to include in their notes. Photos and drawings also apply here, but their own words alone will bring priceless giggles to you AND your sweet gifter.

We can print + mail your thank you’s for you OR you can have them sent to you first…addresses printed, stamps affixed. Either way, feel great that your kiddos are learning the art of the thank you – as well as the power to delegate the busy work! – from their role models.

: Kids Thank You Notes | Red Stamp

Once your sassy pants turns 10, they are probably more of a pro on your device than you are! So, hand over your phone and let them go to town. All of our designs are all-ages, so no worries there. And what they come up with when pressed to handle their own notes will warm your hearts.


Use our free app and we’ll tap into your address book and your payment method so you can sit back and have them do all the heavy lifting. Ahhh….

Any way you slice it, the fact that we will print, address + stamp – with a real postage stamp – and mail to your list for you is meant to be helpful and time saving. So, you get to do the fun stuff….and let us take care of the rest. Questions? Suggestions? Comments? Let us know in the comments or email us at We are here to help!

Yours in birthday fête-ing,
Red Stamp

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