How to Hunt, Cook City Pigeons

Watch a team figure out if you can actually eat those pesky pigeons

Let's face it: city pigeons are kind of disgusting (not as gross as rats, but pretty close). But here's an argument for eating them: They're an invasive species. They're annoying. And if you're trying to eat meat in an ethical way, at least you're not debeaking the poultry and pumping them full of hormones.

Prevention decided to enlist the help of a hunter and butcher to catch a city pigeon in Central Park, butcher it up, and cook it.

Apparently it's perfectly legal to kill a pigeon (invasive species rule?) as long as you don't torture it, so the team goes about throwing apples (fail) and rocks (success) at pigeons to try and stun one before finishing it off with a knife.

Then, they go on and cook it up with olive oil and red wine, paired with some apples and cinnamon and butter. Don't judge, but that totally sounds delicious. But rocks would probably taste good with olive oil, red wine, and apples, cinnamon, and butter.

The consensus? Actually pretty good. Perhaps we'll start seeing people throwing rocks at pigeons, which is hardly more PETA-friendly than going out and trying to kick them. Watch below (warning: graphic butchering scene in the mix).