Tips for Hosting a School’s Out for the Summer Party

Celebrate the start of summer vacation with games and snacks by the pool or sea
Pool party

Get the party started!



If the day is hot, the kids will likely be playing in the water for the entirety of the party, so be sure to have a couple of fun (and wet) activities. A blow-up volcano makes playing above the water tons of fun, while these swimming hoops are a good alternative to handstand contests. You can also organize games like Marco Polo and Categories. And don't forget the beach balls.

At the beach? A sea or lakeside scavenger hunt is fun to play on land (it’s also a great way to make guests work for their goody bag, if you’re providing one). You can also organize a sandcastle making competition, giving prizes for the funniest and most amazing designs. For older kids, a party at the beach wouldn’t be complete without a greased watermelon, too. 

Setting the Scene

If you’re hosting the party poolside, be sure to have a shady area where you can set up snacks and drinks away from the inevitably wet pool deck. Hosting a party at the beach? Scout out your location in advance to look for tables. Picnicking on the ground? Be sure to adjust your menu so each child gets lunch served in a beach pail (that they can then take home) with a wrapped sandwich, crudités, and snacks that should stay sand-free.

Colorful beach towels wrapped in rope are great to have on hand in case anyone forgets theirs, and they make for a great party favor. Extra sunscreen is wise to have to ensure no one gets burnt, too. Have a portable iPod dock or CD player? Make a playlist of age-appropriate summertime favorites, and then burn CDs for everyone to take home at the end of the party so they can celebrate that school’s out-feeling all summer long.

Songs for Summer (Ages 10-14)

Summer in the City — The Lovin’ Spoonful

School’s Out — Alice Cooper

Summer Girl — Leighton Meester

Firework — Katy Perry

Dog Days are Over — Florence and the Machine

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