How to Host an Election Party

Whether you’re for Obama or Romney, your bash should be fun for both parties
Carolyn Kaster, Charles Dharapak/AP

The main reason most of us are close with our friends is because we have things in common with them. We may have the same hobbies, location, jobs, etc., but there are certain "off the table" topics — religion, politics, and morals — that can be serious friendship deal-breakers during the heat of a conversation or argument. 

If you heed one piece of advice when hosting an election party, let this be it. If all of your friends are Republicans and you’re a Republican, that’s fantastic; the same goes for Democrats — your party will go off without a hitch. If, though, you have a mix of both parties attending your shindig, be Switzerland and stay neutral. 

By that we mean, have both red and blue plates, hang both Romney and Obama banners, and serve cupcakes with both of their faces on them! Have blue and red solo cups for drinks and both colors of paper goods as well. If you don’t, your bash will be over before it even starts due to unnecessary conflict. 

As for what to serve, here are some great ideas to get you started from both parties! 


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