How to Get Your Baby to Eat: Blast 'Gangnam Style'

Well, it works on this kid. Don't know what's wrong with yours...

Sure, we don't understand the words to "Gangnam Style," but here's proof that the song's catchy appeal goes deeper than lyrics.

As you'll see in the video below, baby Benjamin absolutely refuses to eat his lunch (he's all like, "Ugh, as if!") until his dad puts on "Gangnam Style." And then he just sits there, mindlessly eating the food as Psy does his horse dance-y thing on the computer screen. We're pretty sure "Call Me Maybe" never reached this level of emotional connection (although we are a little concerned about some more adult sexual themes in Psy's song. PG version sometime soon, please?).

Anyway, if this video doesn't work on your toddler, there's also this story, and this one, too, to help you out with your picky eater. Or do as our parents did and pretend broccolis are flowers. Or you know, Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" video is pretty compelling. Maybe that'll work.