How to Fry an Egg

If the brain were a muscle, it would be one of the biggest in our bodies. It only makes sense to keep it properly fed while we are putting in overtime at the library or pulling – dare we consider it – an all-nighter! Brains especially need protein, and sometimes just one fried egg can can go a long way.

A properly fried egg gives you just the perfect amount of protein at any given time of the day, whether it’s on top of a fancy salad or by itself. Yet, for many who have never gone beyond toasting bread or throwing Pop-Tarts into a toaster oven, even cracking open an egg into a pan can seem daunting. Overcoming such a challenge will let you keep your meal points and no longer make you feel like a criminal as you pocket food from the cafeteria for later. You can have a fully functioning stove in your apartment or just a hotplate in a dorm — either way, Spoon will help you master one of the most simple yet always crucial dishes in reach: the fried egg.

Photo by Kavitha George

What you’ll need:
A pan — A non-stick pan or well-used cast iron skillet will work best, especially in preventing the egg from sticking to the pan; however, even a regular steel or aluminum pan will work. For this example, we’ll be using a regular steel pan and extra oil to prevent sticking.

Butter or oil —Butter or oil helps cook the egg evenly and adds extra flavor to the eggs, depending on the oil. Extra virgin olive oil is preferable because of its health benefits and fresh flavor. Have about 1 to 4 tablespoons of oil on hand.

A spatula

And last but not least, an egg


Photo by Kavitha George

1. Heat up the skillet on medium for about 45 seconds. If you have an electric stove or hotplate, gently move the pan around the heating mechanism in a circular motion a few times. This will allow the pan to heat up more evenly.

Photo by Kavitha George 

2. Add the butter or oil.

Photo by Kavitha George

3. Tap the egg against the side of the pan, creating a clear crack along the middle. Holding the egg close to the pan, pull from each side of the shell and let the egg gently fall into the pan.

Photo by Kavitha George

4. The edges of the egg will start whitening.

Photo by Kavitha George

5. Let the egg cook through for at most 3 to 4 minutes, every so often sliding the spatula underneath it to prevent any sticking that may occur.

Photo by Kavitha George

6. Optional: Flip the egg over to cook the yoke through completely, or break the yoke on top, spreading it over the rest of the egg as pictured above.

Voilà! You have a perfectly fried egg. Enjoy it by itself, over a bowl of rice or just in a plain ol’ fried egg sandwich with toast where you can add a thin layer of mayonnaise and whatever else you may have on hand. 

Photo by Kavitha George

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