How to Add Flavor with Chicken Stock

Use the stock for casseroles, jambalaya, and more


One of the things people always seem to be surprised to learn is that chicken stock is used in so much more than soup. It is often the secret ingredient in sauces, rice dishes, and large casseroles. Here are some of the great ways I like to use chicken stock to add that extra oomph of flavor to some of our favorite dishes. I promise, you might be surprised — and excited — when you see the possibilities!

— thenaptimechef, Babble



Creamy Chicken Casserole

Casseroles taste much more chicken-y with the use of chicken stock!

Make creamy chicken casserole.


Moroccan Chicken with Couscous

Use chicken stock instead of water to make couscous for additional flavor!

Make moroccan chicken with couscous.



The base of jambalaya is so much tastier when made with chicken stock.

Make jambalaya.



Lemon Risotto

Chicken stock is often stirred into risottos to soften and steam the rice, giving it wonderful flavor and texture.

Make lemon risotto.


Lemon Chicken Panini

Cook the chicken in chicken stock to add more flavor, then place it on a panini to make a great sandwich!

Make a lemon chicken panini.


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