How to Extract Pure Iron From Cereal

Staff Writer
Science for the win

OK, so many of us might not be all that into cereal (except in the form of cereal milk), but here is a nifty trick to see just how much iron is in your daily bowl.

Step one: Get your cereal. Step two: Douse it in water in a plastic bag. Step 3: Put a very strong magnet on top of the bag, swirl around, and watch the iron collect.

Naturally, we don't recommend eating soggy cereal that's been sitting in water for an hour, but we imagine the same trick must work with milk, right? We would much rather waste cereal on cereal milk than mush. Granted, milk is a bit more viscous than water...

Watch the step-by-step instructional video below, just so you can weird your kids out when you show them all the little dredges of iron in their cereal. It might be a waste of a bowl, but totally worth it.


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