How to Eat in Season Around the World

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What to eat (and when to eat it) across the globe

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

While some foods are great year-round, such as beef in Buenos Aires or pizza in Brooklyn, the most toothsome morsels often have a short shelf life. The savviest eaters know that what’s good for the belly should also be good for the planet, so it’s best to gobble what’s local and what’s in season whenever possible. Here’s a brief guide about what to eat — and when — around the world.

For example, when is the prime time for sampling Peking duck in China? (Did you even realize that there was a prime time?) What month showcases the best that unagi has to offer in Japan, and when is best to indulge in those sweet, bright red pomegranate seeds? Perhaps what this guide will really show is what order to take that round-the-world trip in.

A quick note on the calendar: Festival dates may fluctuate, so double-check before booking your ticket. Furthermore, some foods discussed here might appear at other times or in other places as well. A dish’s uniqueness often rests not in what we see, smell, or even taste, but in what we know about its history or connection to region, tradition, or ritual.


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