How to Create an Elegant Spring Table

Embrace the season and add a touch of panache to your table
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Mixing elements and colors creates a lush and welcoming atmosphere.

Many elements of spring can be very elegant, especially certain flowers and soft pastel colors that can make for nice soft designs on your spring table.

Lush flowers like peonies are perfect to stand alone, but buds like tulips and garden roses are great when paired with succulents and greens.

Adding these seasonal blooms will create an easy palette and your table will come to life in no time.

Egg Vases: Fill ceramic egg cups with small flower arrangements.

Tiered Flower Centerpiece: Use a tiered cake stand or cupcake display and fill each layer with various types and colors of flowers for a beautiful, towering display on your table.

Floating Flowers and Candles: In a clear glass bowl, fill with water and float flowers and votive candles.

Flower Ice Cubes: Freeze edible flowers in ice cubes to make a beautiful addition to your water or drinks. You can also do this with fresh berries like blueberries or raspberries.

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Jennifer Barnum is author for Maine Cottage Furniture, and she enjoys writing about home decorating tips and ideas.