How to Cook Well on a Budget

Amy McCoy shares her tips and recipes for gourmet cooking on a budget
Amy McCoy on Poor Girl Gourmet

Tomato Tart

With the recent recession, it's become a necessity for many people to cut back on spending. While this is a reality, no one wants to give up eating delicious food or enjoying fabulous feasts at home. Especially Amy McCoy. In fact, she started a blog called Poor Girl Gourmet, also the name of her newest cookbook, that helped readers cook great food on a budget. 

Here, she shares recipes from her book, as well as tips, in the video above.


Honey Mustard and Cider-Marinated Spareribs

Marinating the spareribs for up to day infuses them with flavor. 






Tomato Tart

Made with a savory crust, this tomato tart is a wonderful appetizer or main dish. 






Honey-Mustard Coleslaw

A slightly spicy and tangy side dish that's great for a backyard barbecue.