How to Cook Chicken

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Chef Tim Love shares his tips for the staple protein
How to Cook Chicken

Chef Tim Love shares his tips for the staple protein

Chef Tim love discussing chicken
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Tim Love

It’s among the most basic, everyday items that people cook, and yet even the best home cooks sometimes get stuck in a chicken rut. We spoke to chef Tim Love to try and ensure we are getting everything we can out of this staple.

His most important piece of advice is to make sure you’re not scared of cooking it properly. "I think people get nervous about chicken so they tend to overcook chicken," says Love.

He also advises that home cooks should branch out more when it comes to picking their cuts of chicken. "To me I think the biggest opportunity to have more flavor and a little more finesse with the dish is to use alternate cuts like chicken thighs and chicken wings... And it’s also a lot cheaper," he says .

One foolproof trick is to brine the chicken up to 24 hours, because "if you overcook it a little bit it’ll be more forgiving."

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Watch the video above for more tips! And you can watch more videos with chef Love from his partner, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.