How to Cook Like Anne Hathaway

While she’s not playing the heartbreaking role of Fantine, the leading lady is cooking up a storm

Anne Hathaway is full of surprises. Not only did the beautiful actress surprise us when we heard that she sang her all her own songs — live, might we add — in the upcoming Les Miserables, but apparently she likes to cook.

Not only does she cook, but she enlists some pretty hunky sous chefs as well, like Jake Gyllenhaal. Apparently, the two are constantly texting each other about cooking advice when working in the kitchen, and because we’re worried that hubby Adam Shulman might get jealous, we’d like to offer our own cooking guide to Hathaway so she doesn’t have to resort to Gyllenhaal’s expertise. In addition to cooking emergencies, she’s quoted as saying that she’s not a very imaginative cook, so we’d also give her a copy of Adam Robert’s Secrets of the Best Chefs to help her strengthen her creative skills.

Along with constantly searching for new cooking advice, Hathaway is always looking for her "go-to" chili recipe. We think she’d love ours that uses cocoa powder and big chunks of steak to create a hearty and filling chili — although she might decide to skip the meat, considering she apparently went vegan after filming The Dark Knight Rises. If she’s still sticking to her animal-free diet, we recommend she try our vegan cassoulet that we created with renowned chef Art Smith, but if she’s gone back to meat, we’d point her to our best alligator recipes — apparently she’s quite the adventurous eater

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