How to be a Gracious Guest

Staff Writer
Coryanne Ettiene of Housewife Bliss shares some tips to remember when attending holiday parties this year.
Hostess Gift

Hostess Gift

The holidays are the perfect time for gathering with friends and family, and for most of us, we spend the season bouncing between the role of host and guest. The art of being a fabulous host is well rehearsed, however, being a gracious guest often comes down to bringing along a winning hostess gift… but there is so much more to it than that.

Showing your appreciation for the hospitality given to you will go a long way towards ensuring that everyone gathered will enjoy themselves. Read my tips and suggestions below and test them out this holiday season—your host or hostess, and your conscience, will thank you.


1. Communicate with your host.

Provide your RSVP as soon as possible, and approach any dietary restrictions you may have with sensitivity to the tiresome planning they will have invested in the meal.


2. Come bearing gifts.

A gracious guest never comes empty-handed. When you are selecting a gift for your host, be genuine and think about what they would enjoy—and think beyond the bottle.


3. Be mindful of your children.

If children are encouraged to attend, be watchful of their behavior.  A courteous guest never brings their children to a party that they are not invited to.


4. Be your best self.

Avoid controversy, drink responsibly, and engage in polite conversation.


5. Let your host guide the meal.

It is a sign of respect to wait for your host to either invite you to begin eating, or wait for the host to start their meal. 


6. Come hungry, try everything and compliment the chef.

In short, eat every bite like it is the best meal you have ever enjoyed, even it if is the worst.


7. Shower your host with gratitude.

Acknowledge your host and offer your appreciation for receiving an invitation.  Follow up with a thank you note or phone call expressing your gratitude for pulling together a marvelous party.