How to Bake for St. Patrick’s Day with 5 Easy Recipes

Add some holiday spirit to your baking

Green food coloring and pure peppermint extract make these cheesecake bars festive and flavorful.

Your beer isn’t the only thing that should be tinted green this St. Patrick’s Day. To add some spirit to baking, McCormick is bringing a little green color — and flavor — to some of our favorite recipes, making the baked goods festive and delicious for the upcoming holiday.

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The company, which is one of the leading manufacturers of seasonings and spices for whatever kind of cooking you’re getting into, gives you the low down on how to use their green food coloring in baked goods this holiday. Coloring your food is something McCormick takes seriously, and their new coloring guide shows you how many drops of green it takes to get not one, but seven shades of green in your baking.

Their excitement for green baking isn’t from out of thin air, either. Last year, enough green coloring was sold by McCormick to tint 26.2 million cake pops green, and sales of peppermint extract increased by 50 percent in the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.

With their celebratory recipes, they take popular cupcakes like red velvet and give them a green touch, and there’s even another St. Patrick’s Day staple — Irish cream liqueur — added to peppermint brownies to make them a perfect fit for the holiday. These recipes require only a handful of ingredients, a few simple steps, and a couple of drops of coloring to create, and they add some spirit to your St. Patrick’s Day in the baking department.


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