Host a Gender-Reveal Party to Announce Whether You're Having a Boy or a Girl

Instead of sharing the gender of your future baby over the phone, surprise friends and family with pink or blue food

"Are you having a boy or a girl?" may just be the question most commonly asked of pregnant women, possibly right behind "When are you due?" These days, expectant parents are able to find out the gender of their baby months in advance, allowing future godparents and aunts to avoid buying gender-neutral gifts.

So instead of announcing the baby's sex with a simple phone call, why not have a gender-revealing party or just a quick "champagne and cupcakes" get-together?

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Reveal the baby's gender by serving food that is either pink or blue. For example, give each guest a cupcake with frosting that corresponds with the sex of your future child — pink for a girl and blue for a boy — or deck out the whole menu in the appropriate color. This way, you get to surprise your friends and family and enjoy some delicious bites at the same time.