Horseshoe Curve

Scenic Lookout, History Museum
1500 Glenn White Rd.
Altoona, PA 16601
(814) 946-0834


  • Come check out the beautiful scenery and nice gift shop!
  • Stop in the gift shop and purchase some nice clothing!
  • If you are on the Amtrak heading West to Pennsylvania, be sure to get a seat on the left side of the train. Vice versa for the opposite direction. Have your camera ready!
  • Wow! Nice pretty views!
  • Ride the funicular and watch trains pass by on this 19th century engineering marvel.
  • You have to leave the site to check in. There is no reception at the curve.
  • The awesome views were very good and awesome. Staff are very friendly and helpful
  • Set up shop and watch the trains go around the curve for an afternoon
  • Excellent place to relax and watch trains!
  • So cool much history so relax too! :)
  • Reception is spotty so you should check in before or after your visit.
  • 6 bucks to ride up the car
  • Horseshoe Curve is a 3,485-foot (1,062 m), triple-tracked, railroad curve. It is close to 1,300 feet (400 m) in diameter and has a grade of almost 2 percent.
  • Gotta go there Wow !
  • $6.24 to get to the curve....geez!
  • Very interesting place to take the family.
  • Spent an afternoon w/Grandkids watching trains

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