Horribly Named Foods That Are Actually Delicious

The names alone of certain foods negatively affect how we perceive the dish, regardless of their actual taste

These delicious dishes were unfortunately given very unappetizing names.

Shark Fin, Turtle, and Cock-A-Leekie Soups

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Okay, so we were off to a bad start with shark fin and turtle, but cock-a-leekie really takes the cake as the biggest appetite killer. That being said, this dish is something you must try (just try not to think about the name as you do).

Head Cheese

Photo: Flickr/Boris Mann

Wait… head cheese? This just doesn’t sound right, and it’s fair to say the name just doesn’t do it justice. Made from the head of a pig (we know, but keep reading), head cheese contains some of the best, porkiest flavors you’ll find on the whole pig.

Guinea Fowl

Photo Credit: Flickr/Stijn Nieuwendijk

Guinea fowl is not something that really revs up our appetites, but this dish is a delicacy in several countries. To each their own, we suppose!

Mung Beans

Photo Credit: Flickr/kattebelletje

Beans are fine; all right, no big deal there. But mung beans? Mung sounds foul, but mung beans will definitely take you by surprise.

Garbage Plate

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It sounds, well, like garbage, right? This aptly named dish is basically a plate with everything imaginable piled on to it, from beans to burgers. Your hangover will thank you.

Frogs' Legs

Photo Credit: Flickr/Chewy Chua


Yet another dish that many might not be hopping up and down with excitement to try, but frogs’ legs are a delicacy in French cuisine.