Hopworks Urban Brewery releases Kentucky Christmas bottles

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Hopworks Urban Brewery releases Kentucky Christmas bottles

Hopworks Kentucky Christmas

Hopworks Urban Brewery finally released their highly anticipated “Kentucky Christmas” in bottles and on draft this last Thursday at their two Portland locations. A Kentucky Whiskey barrel-aged version of their popular winter seasonal Abominable Ale, otherwise known as A-Bomb is now available by the glass or 22oz bottle to-go for $15.


Hopworks Kentucky Christmas Abominable

Kentucky Christmas was originally supposed to be released in December and made our list of 12 Barrel-Aged Oregon Beers for the Holidays but Brewmaster Tom Bleigh thought it needed a little more time so it was wisely kept in the barrel for another month. The finished product is full of whiskey spice and vanilla and wood on top of a creamy caramel malt body. It packs a punch in it’s bold flavors but is surprisingly not super boozy but still strong at 7.6% ABV.

Commercial description: Kentucky Christmas began its life as Abominable Winter Ale before being gently whisked away to a cavern deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here, outside the reach of modern communications, it was laid to rest in freshly emptied Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon barrels where notes of vanilla and spice mixed with citrus and caramel.  One sip and you’ll be transported to a beautiful southern highway in the Bluegrass State. Plato 17 IBU 70 ABV 7.6%. Hopworks Kentucky Christmas will be released on December 15th 5pm at both HUB locations but more bottles available at the main SE Powell location for $15 a piece, it will also be available on tap then.

Hopworks estimates bottles will be available for only 1-2 weeks and will not be made available outside of Hopworks on SE Powell and Bike Bar on N. Williams.


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