Hopworks Netherlands Collaboration Kuyt Beer

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Hopworks Netherlands Collaboration Kuyt Beer

With a large contingent of Dutch brewers in town for the Oregon Brewers Festival this year, we are beginning to see the fruits of their labor with local brewers and collaborations including, Hopworks “Go Fly A Kuyt.”

Ecliptic Brewing’s Dutch collab with Breweri j Rodenberg – Kuiper Porter was released yesterday (Tuesday) and Hopworks’s new “Go Fly A Kuyt” collab with Ramses Snoeij of Wagenberg, Netherlands-based Ramses Bier is on tap now at both Hopworks locations.

Snoeij worked with the brewers at Hopworks to create a Kuyt beer, which is a traditional Dutch style beer that was popular at the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. Ramses has helped create the style guidelines for this traditional beer and has brought some revitalization to this old style.

The Hopworks beer, “Go Fly A Kuyt,” is based off the Ramses “Kuiter” but is created with local ingredients and organic malts. Malted oats dominate the grain bill for this light-bodied and grainy beer that has subtle floral and earthy hop flavors.


Plato – 11.4

IBU – 42

ABV – 4.9