Hopgood's Foodliner: Fresh Take on Classic Dishes

Fresh Take on Classic Dishes

With only the best food from Canada’s coast, Hopgood’s Foodliner offers fresh, sustainable seafood with a funky, easygoing, Maritime atmosphere.

The head chef, Geoff Hopgood, aims to use the best of what he is surrounded by, including the seafood, local farmers, as well as local raised meats. With dishes like oysters with bone marrow and Digby scallops with house-made sausage, Hopgood’s is bringing new twists to classics. It also offers a wide array of drink choices, like the Kentucky Cookie, which consists of Lazzaroni amaretto, egg white, lemon, bourbon, and simple syrup, or the Black Manhattan, a concoction of Bulleit bourbon, averna amaro, and bitters.

They are even making their own pitas for their twist on gyros called the Halifax Donairs, and offering meaty Cape Breton Snow Crabs. It’s been rated as one of the best new restaurants of 2013 by Toronto Life, Hopgood’s is the real deal when it comes to Maritime-themed restaurants. Though service is a little slow, what they’re offering seems to be worth the wait.