Homemade Nestle Crunch

From www.foodfanatic.com by Meaghan Mountford
Homemade Nestle Crunch

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I’m a big fan of melting chocolate chips and adding stuff, because it’s easy to do and tastes awesome. Case in point, bacon chocolate pops. Candy bars fall into this category of melting chocolate chips and adding stuff. In the time it takes you to get to the store and back, you can make your own copycat Nestle Crunch bars.

All you need to do is melt some chocolate and stir in Rice Krispies. That’s it. You’re one microwave button away from eating a Nestle Crunch bar right now.

Homemade Nestle Crunch Picture

With the jillions of silicon molds out there, you can make just about any shape you like, too. I went for simple squares and used a brownie silicone mold pan because I like to keep things simple (with my food, if not my life). And this mold is the closest I have to the actual Nestle Crunch shape of a rectangle.

To give you some ideas on molds out there, I’ve seen Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, skull and cross bones, dinosaurs, hearts, Legos, flowers, letters and more.  So these would be great for any themed party treat.

Homemade Nestle Crunch Image

Alternatively, if you don’t have any silicone molds, you can spread the mixture on a baking tray lined with wax paper or a Silpat nonstick baking mat. Either cut the chocolate into rectangles after the chocolate has set well enough to cut without cracking. Or, let it fully harden and break the chocolate into pieces, like more traditional chocolate bark.

I would advise using Nestle-brand milk chocolate chips, because it seems like the right thing to do, what with using the Nestle Crunch as our inspiration. With the milk chocolate chips, these taste exactly like the real thing. Or, try Nestle dark chocolate chips. Then these would be considered health food, I think. Yes?

Homemade Nestle Crunch Pic

And bonus, while you’re making your homemade crunch bars, I’ll show you a super duper shortcut way to fill your silicone molds with chocolate. It takes minutes and years off of your life. 


Homemade Nestle Crunch Recipe



  • 2 cups milk chocolate chips
  • 3/4 cup crispy rice cereal


  1. Place a silicone chocolate mold on a baking tray and set aside.
  2. Place the chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at 70 percent power for 90 seconds. Stir, and continue to microwave at 30, then 15 second, intervals until the chocolate is melted and smooth when well stirred.
  3. Fold in the rice cereal and gently stir until well incorporated.
  4. Pour the chocolate and cereal mixture into a gallon-size ziptop bag. Twist the top closed and snip 1-inch from a corner. Pipe chocolate to fill each cavity of the silicone chocolate mold. Slam the tray onto the counter, protected by a towel, to flatten the chocolate.
  5. Instead of using a silicone mold, you may also spread the mixture on a baking tray lined with wax paper.
  6. Refrigerate the chocolate until well set, 1 hour.
  7. Pop the chocolate from the mold or break the chocolate into pieces.  


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