Homeless People Get Food Poisoning in Denver

After eating a donated turkey dinner, 60 homeless people were hospitalized for food poisoning
Facebook/Denver Rescue Mission

Denver Rescue Mission

In Denver, 60 homeless people became ill after eating a turkey dinner at the Denver Rescue Mission Sunday night, according to The Daily Mail.

Almost 350 people ate the dinner at 5 p.m., and around 200 people ate the donated turkey. 

An hour after eating, people began getting sick, running outside to vomit on the street. 

Ambulances arrived, and streets were closed to allow the diners to be treated on the streets. Sixty people were taken to the hospital and treated with fluids before being released. 

Authorities are concerned there are more affected homeless people in the area, but they haven’t come forward. Residents have been asked to call 911 if they see someone sick in the area. 

Environmental Health, Denver Public Health, and Denver Human Services are looking into the causes of the illnesses. 

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"We are shocked by this situation," Denver Rescue Mission's president Brad Meuli said. "Our main concern is for those who have become ill. We are working with the health department and local authorities to investigate the cause of this incident."