Holyrood Park

Queen's Dr
Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 8HG


  • Jog around Holyrood Park.
  • Very nice, the summer castle of the Queen E!
  • Great in the summer for drinks and playing football!
  • Holyrood Park in the sunshine gets even better when it's followed by a trip to The Sheep's Heid.
  • Fabulous and epic views of Edinburgh and nearby coast. Love it, walk to the top?!
  • Attention aux joggings qui courent vite et qui renversent les enfants inattentifs. La chute peut s'avrer vertigineuse et catastrophique !
  • Super square pour faire une ballade calme et agrable! De plus super vue sur Londres en haut a vaut la peine
  • Nice view of the Salisbery Rock at sunset
  • Get to the lake in the top of the hill, and take a panoramic photo(s) wont regret.
  • One of my favorite places
  • Itt aztan komoly es gyonyoru turakra van lehetoseg.
  • Lovely place for a casual walk/hike on a sunny day.
  • Lovely views all around
  • Visit this area! Very nice! Short distanse from Old Town.
  • Its good if youre into outdoor trails and hikes. Its not really a place for me but the view was lovely.
  • Lovely park in heart of city
  • Stunning place. The view from the top of Arthurs seat is something else!
  • You can find interesting activities for everyone in Edinburgh's public parks.
  • Tanta gente di ogni razza e cultura! Musica dal vivo.....
  • Summit path was steep but the higher you get the greater the view. Very worth the climb!

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