Holly Clegg on Kitchen 101

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The author talks about her book of basics that will help anyone get into the kitchen
Holly Clegg on Kitchen 101

The author talks about her basics book that will help anyone get into the kitchen

Holly Clegg's Kitchen 101
Holly Clegg

Kitchen 101

Holly Clegg thinks that cooking doesn’t need to be as intimidating as it often is. But sometimes due to lack of practice or lack of time, people give up. Clegg has a new book, Kitchen 101, that she thinks can be the solution to both of those issues. "Everybody is busy, nobody has time to cook, so this is the easiest of my cookbooks," she says. "I combine the least number of ingredients to give you the most flavor and the recipes are ones you’re going to recognize."

Clegg is also a proponent of healthy eating without going overboard. "If you take all the fat out of a recipe it won’t taste very good. So it’s important to me to get that balance," she says. Some of her tricks including making easy swaps and reducing the amounts of ingredients that aren’t as good for you. "You realize that you don’t need all the fat to get all the flavor like we used to think so."

For more from Clegg, including her pantry basics and the importance of affordability, watch the video above!


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