The Craziest Christmas Traditions Around the World

You better watch out, you better not cry
the Weirdest Christmas Traditions From Around the World
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In Japan, there's no roast turkey for Christmas dinner; it's all about KFC.

Think of your holiday traditions. They probably include stringing lights on an evergreen, rushing to the mall on Black Friday to find the perfect gift and eating more Christmas cookies than you could ever imagine. While Americans celebrate Christmas a certain way, this holiday looks really, really different around the world.

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Christmas traditions in other countries can range from the enchanting to the bizarre to the horrifying — at least when seen through an American lens. For every lovely story about a Christmas spider who spins a web of gold and brings good luck, there’s a pooping figure in a nativity scene or a Yule Cat who prowls the country, waiting to attack people who fail to get a new wool sweater before Christmas Eve.


And though we have an image of what a traditional holiday meal should look like, in Japan there is nothing more festive on Christmas Day than diving into a big bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. And if you think eating fast food or celebrating bugs are weird ways to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, these other weird traditions will blow your mind.