Tim Hortons’ New Easter Doughnut Is Topped With Cadbury Mini Eggs

Eggs on grass, but make it cute

Tim Hortons is springing into Easter with a new doughnut topped with one of the holiday’s most iconic candies. The Cadbury Mini Eggs Donut features a plain doughnut covered in white fondant, green sprinkles and three chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs with crispy pastel candy shells.

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The sweet and festive treat is now available at all Tim Hortons outposts across the United States, but according to a company spokesperson it won't be available in Canada. Perhaps the country will receive its own Easter-themed confection? The coffee chain is as beloved among our neighbors to the north as Dunkin’ is in the U.S., after all.

tim hortons cadbury mini eggs donut

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

It’s early yet, but Easter-inspired confections are starting to pop up on store shelves ahead of the Christian celebration on Sunday, April 21.


Earlier this year, Cadbury released new Shimmer Mini Eggs, which are the same as regular Mini Eggs except they’re sparkly. Peeps came out with a new breakfast cereal and marshmallow-flavored jelly beans. Kit Kat Bunny Ears are coming back, and so are egg-shaped Oreos. These fun and festive products are generally safe options for any Easter basket, but that doesn’t there aren’t some very questionable candy candidates in the seasonal section of the grocery store. That’s why we ranked popular Easter candies from worst to best.