Sweet and Bubbly Valentine's Day Cocktails

Make it a romantic and bubbly evening with these sweet Valentine’s Day cocktails
11 Valentine's Day Cocktails

You and your date will love these sweet cocktails.


Valentine’s Day can be stressful for any couple. On a day that is supposed to represent the pinnacle of love and affection, any couple worth their romantic salt will work to make it as special as possible. However, beyond the teddy bears and bouquets of roses, there is a real opportunity to show the one you love just how much you truly care. And what better way to show your special someone your love than to wine and dine him or her with a homemade meal and a custom libation?

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A signature cocktail is a way to tell your sweetie that you pay attention to the details, like their favorite liquors and wines, and that you care enough to pull together a delicious, made-to-order glass of happiness in the name of your love.

To help you make February 14 as perfect as possible, we rounded up some sweet and bubbly cocktails that are sure to set the mood. From the tempting allure of cherry to the bubbly sensation of prosecco, we have a cocktail for every Valentine’s taste.

Chandon Rosé Granite

Don’t send your honey a bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s day — whip up this cocktail instead. Infused with hibiscus flowers and syrup, this drink is as aromatic as it is delicious.

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The Cherry Kiss Cocktail

Is there a sweeter way to begin Valentine’s Day celebrations than with a kissable cocktail? Dry gin paired with fizzy soda makes for a complex and sweet drink your date will love.

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