signs you're obsessed with Christmas

12 Signs You're a Little Too Obsessed With Christmas

Do you like the holiday season or really LOVE the holidays?

It’s hard not to love Christmastime. Sure, buying holiday gifts is expensive, the weather is getting colder and you can’t walk 10 feet without hearing holiday music. But it’s called “the most wonderful time of year” for a reason. And while most people love Christmas and the holiday season, some people are truly obsessed.

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Does your kitchen turn from a practical place to make weeknight dinner into a baking factory every December? Is your closet overflowing with festive accessories and ugly Christmas sweaters? Do you infuse every meal with peppermint? If some of these things sound like you, you may be just a little obsessed with Christmas. But for you, it’s not so much a problem as a way of life.

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If you’re still wondering whether your love of the holiday season may be on another level, check out these 12 signs that you’re just a little too into Christmas.